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“Drawing has been an intensely private occupation for most of my life. Through all the periods of upheaval, disruption, discouragement, tragedy, as well as the happy times, there has been drawing. A way of delineating the physical, intellectual and emotional places these experiences have, and will, take me. I especially see the nonrepresentational drawings as precise records of the times during which the drawings were made. Each dot a second, each line a long sigh, each patch of black the hours as they pass. But these visual records also represent everything that is happening on earth and elsewhere during the execution of the drawing. To me, these are "diaries" that describe in images, though the images represent nothing concrete.”


-Lee’s Artist Statement (2013)

Throughout her life, Lee Chapman produced a vast number of drawings. Below is a small selection representing some of her work from the 1980's through 2017. A project to scan and document as much of Lee's work as possible is underway. Updates will be posted as progress is made. 

If you own, or know someone who owns work by Lee Chapman, please reach out to us at We would love to document the whereabouts and collect images of work that is out there. 

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